Conference on Torah and Science

Professor Aviezer organizes an annual Conference on Torah and Science, held alternately at Bar-Ilan University and at Jerusalem College of Technology. Nearly 300 people (mostly academics and professionals) attend these Conferences. Read more.

University Course on Torah and Science

Professor Aviezer teaches an interdisciplinary course at Bar-Ilan University, entitled “Torah and Science.” Although intended primarily for science students, the Torah and Science course has proved very popular among non-science students as well, and has an enrollment of 400-500. The year-long course consists of weekly meetings for two hours of lecture and discussion. Read more.

Scientific Publications

Professor Aviezer’s research focusses on the electrical and magnetic properties of conductors, including magnetic multilayers, giant magnetoresistance, superparamagnetic particles, alloys, thin wires, phonon drag, and the electron-electron interaction.

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Articles on Torah and Science

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