Articles on Torah and Science

“On Darwin’s Theory of Evolution – Is There a Problem Here for the Believing Person?”
Dor leDor – Biblical Heritage, Winter 1988, Vol. 16, pp. 99-103.

“On Contradictions Between Torah and Science”
Tradition, Summer 1989, Vol. 24, pp. 59-68.

“The Creation of the Universe” (in Hebrew)
Niv Hamidrashia – Journal of Jewish Thought, 1990, Vol. 22, pp. 143-152.

“Man as the Pinnacle of Creation”
Jewish Action, Fall 1991, Vol. 51, pp. 24-35.

“The Revolution in Evolutionary Biology: Role of Divine Providence”
Jewish Action Reader, ed. M. Greenblatt and C. Friedland, (Menorah Publications, New York, 1996), pp. 291-297.

“Misreading the Fossils: the Dark Side of Evolutionary Biology”
BDD – Journal of Torah and Scholarship, Winter 1996, Number 2, pp. 19-30.

The Anthropic Principle: Why It Is Important for the Believing Person”
BDD – Journal of Torah and Scholarship, Summer 1997, Number 5, pp. 41-54.

“Life on Mars?”
B’Or Ha’Torah, 1998, Vol. 11, pp. 97-101.

“The Extreme Longevity of the Early Generations in Genesis: Is It Possible?”
BDD – Journal of Torah and Scholarship, Summer 1998, Number 7, pp. 5-13.

“The Spread of Languages and the Tower of Babel”
BDD – Journal of Torah and Scholarship, Winter 2001, Number 12, pp. 33-41.

“Kabbalah, Science and Creation”
Jewish Action, Fall 2004, Vol. 65, pp. 45-50.

“Counterpoint – Kabbalah and Science”
Jewish Action, Summer 2005, Vol. 65, pp. 82-85.

“Intelligent Design: Why Has It Become a Battleground Between Science and Religion?”
Jewish Action, Fall 2006, Vol. 67, pp. 12-16.

“Evolution, Intelligent Design and Orthodox Judaism”
Skeptic Magazine, January 2007, Vol. 13, Number 1, pp. 10-12.

“Revisiting Intelligent Design”
Jewish Action, Spring 2007, Vol. 67, pp. 77-79.

“Knowledge in the Realm of Science and Knowledge in the Realm of Religion: Are They Different?”
Jewish Action, Winter 2007, Vol. 68, pp. 21-25.

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