Conference on Torah and Science

Since 1993, Professor Aviezer has organized an annual Conference on Torah and Science, held alternately at Bar-Ilan University and at the Jerusalem College of Technology. Nearly 300 people (mostly academics and professionals) attend these Conferences – now in their fourteenth year. The Conference papers are published in BDD – Journal of Torah and Science, edited by Professor Cyril Domb, FRS, and Professor Ely Merzbach, and published by the Bar-Ilan University Press.

Subjects discussed in the Conference include conflicts between Torah and science, creation of the world, the Torah time scale versus science, cosmology and its relation to Torah, evolution, Darwin and dinosaurs, the Biblical flood, creation of Man, Intelligent Design, Divine providence, Torah and archaeology, Biblical criticism, technology in Torah literature, education in Torah and science, computers in the service of Torah, and many more.

A sample Conference program is given below:

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