University Course on Torah and Science

Since 1996, Professor Aviezer has taught an annual interdisciplinary course, entitled “Torah and Science,” which is offered in the Faculty of Exact Sciences of Bar-Ilan University. Although intended primarily for science students, the Torah and Science course has proved very popular among non-science students as well, and has an enrollment of 400-500. The year-long course consists of weekly meetings for two hours of lecture and discussion.

This course has been generously sponsored by the Hans Bachrach Family Foundation.

In this course, the student learns about the various interactions between science and religion, and he/she comes to realize that science and religion have much to say to each other. Indeed, some of the most exciting scientific discoveries of the 20th century - in cosmology, physics, molecular biology, medicine, human aging - bear directly on our understanding of religious belief and faith. The course explains how religion has become enriched and clarified by scientific knowledge.

The course received the 1999 Award from the Templeton Foundation Course Program of the Center for Theology and Natural Sciences for a university course on science and religion. Subsequently, the course was given a Development Award.

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